Where to buy or rent a franking machine.

Although all franking machines must be licenced by the Royal Mail, they do not sell franking machines themselves. However, they do provide a list of Royal Mail approved suppliers on their website. When looking for a franking machine supplier this is a good place to start.

When talking to suppliers it is worth asking questions about on-going running costs:

  • What maintenance / breakdown support is included in the package
  • How much do consumables cost
  • Is there a charge for top-ups* (Often called resets)

*Some suppliers hide top-up charges by using premium phone numbers when customers connect to buy credit.

Choosing the right franking machine.

Picking the correct machine depends on the amount of outgoing post you send and also the type of postal items.
Many machines come with integral scales which are extremely useful if you send a lot of parcels. If you post a lot of heavier items, check to see what the upper limit of the scale is.
The supplier will be able to help you select the right machine.
If you are not sure which machine is correct for your business or you think your needs may change quite sharply, it is probably worth leasing a machine because most suppliers will allow you to upgrade or downgrade your machine. If you buy a franking machine, be aware that they are quite difficult to sell second-hand because the licence will need to transferred as well and this is a tricky business.

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The benefits of using a franking machine